Digital currency has explosive growth at a few hundreds percent per year and MacroSQL invented the first parallel blockchain in the world. Watch CEO talk about digital currency.

MacroSQL Technology LLC is a database and digital coin blockchain company located at Silicon Valley, California. Current team is composed of top talents from best schools and companies in USA. with most of them GPA 4.0/4.0. We are growing at extremely fast and need more talents to grow with us. Read this simple introduction:

We accepting intern, new graduates as well as senior engineers. Company will sponsor and pay for applying H-1 and green card. Compensations are competitive on the market and include salary, benefits and stock compensation.

We are currently hiring the following position:
I. Software Engineer (new graduate, Senior & Principle, 4 positions):
1. BS/MS/PHD Computer science or engineering from reputed universities. Ideally has taken most core courses in CS: computer architecture*, algorithm*, Operating system*, database*, compiler, network, C++, computer languages (* is required courses).
2. Love coding and design, Good English.

II: Accounting/sales/marketing.
Graduated from decent universities with high GPA, good verbal and logic thinking, ambitious, active and proactively thinking for better approach to solve problems. We like people motivated to do better and be No.1.
Ideally sales and marketing personals should have good knowledge and experience with digital coin in the past.

Please send resume with email to jobs@macrosql.com