Secure Crypto Coin (SCC) is an brand-new redesign of block-chain technology. It is originated from Bitcoin source code and preserved all good characters of Bitcoin, while changing the serial processing to parallel processing. SCC is the first parallel block-chain in the world. SCC has the following characteristics:

1. Throughput can reach millions per second with multiple servers.
2. Latency start at about 1 sec or 600 times less than bitcoin.
3. Transaction fee cost 1 US cent, or 1/30th of Bitcoin.
4. Following Bank Secure standard, enterprise free wallet with ECC, SSL, encrypted private key, external flash USB storage. 10 times more secure than Bitcoin and 50 times more secure than Ethereum.

Table 2: SCC details comparison

Features SCC Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin
Platform SCC dual tracks bitcoin Ethereum bitcoin
year start 2017 2009 2015 2011
Parallel processing transaction Y N N N
Horizontal scalable Y N N N
Real time transaction Y N N N
response time in 2018 (second) 1 600 15 150
response time in 2019 (second) 0.1 >600 15 150
transactions/min/server * DC:500,000/C:1,000,000 200 2185 3360
transactions/min/n servers * DC:500,000*n/C:1,000,000*n 200 2185 3360
transaction fee (US cents) 1 30 26 15
Survive power outrage Y N N N
Encrypted private key Y Op Op Op
Smart Contract Y N Y N
Multi-Channel Y N N N
Consensus PoW PoW PoW PoW
Algorithm SHA256 SHA256 Ethash Scrypt
Immutable Y Y Y Y
Decentralized Y (N as option) Y Y Y
Anonymous Y Y Y Y
Open Source Client, not server Client Client Client
Blockchain format Bitcoin => SCC format bitcoin bitcoin bitcoin
Governance MacroSQL Technology None Ethereum.org none
Total coin supply (million) 84 21 unlimited 84
2018 coin total (million) 21 16.58 94.7 53
Coin yearly grow% 2% 50~4% 26% ?

*DC: decentralized, C: centralized, n: number of server; these number are for single server

1. Whitepaper for details.
2. Roadmap.
3. What is the circulation overview of the SCC Coins?