1. SCC Blockchain browser:

2. Wallet download, please read: How to prepare wallet to receive coins?


Mac OS General(fit most Mac OS)
Mac OS General 2(fit some old Mac OS)
Mac new OS(fit most new Mac OS)

64bit Windows(Windows 10 and 64bit windows)
32bit Windows

3. Source Code will be released at soon after trading started.

4. Mining Guide: 
Official Pool address: stratum+tcp://
User name: [Your SCC wallet address]
No password
CLick here to check Official Pool State still support GPU, GPU can increase more than a few thousand times using AVX will increase 1000 times
cpuminer-opt, just run

Direct Mining are not very effective:
If you plan to run two instances of sccoind on one computer, data and port on the second sccoin2.conf need to be different. Create folder c:\scc2\data and download the sccoin2.conf and place inside c:\scc2\.
you start up the second daemon by: sccoind.exe -conf=c:\scc2\sccoin2.conf


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