Blockchain Fund Chainpe Signed Contract to Invest MacroSQL and SCC project

Feb 11, 2018. Famed Blockchain Fund Chainpe Has Signed Contract to Invest MacroSQL and SCC project. The investment is divide into both stock shares and SCC coin. Half and Half.

About Chainpe:
The partners of ChainPE is composed of experts from various area in the blockchain industry, who are successful entrepreneurs and investors. We are committed to invest and support high-growth blockchain projects around the world, including equity investment, software and hardware, and crypto-currency mining etc. Chainpe also invested in digital coin trading platform Bitmart at New York.
With its industry status and efficient operations, ChainPE provides portfolio companies various kinds of supports like technology introduction, talent recruitment etc.
ChainPE – chain up the world changing ideas.

About MacroSQL Technology:
MacroSQL founders have experience in several database kernel and Intel’s CPU limitation research. They are leads in CPU performance design, performance limitation, parallel computing, multi-core synchronization, hardware locking and bus utilization, network security and encryption. Their first project was high-performance real-time database system, later use their high-end performance skills to improve the performance and security of blockchain and found the SCC (Secure Crypto Coin) project. Because database has developed for 50 years and has reached almost perfection in handle financial transaction securely. They are the perfect team to solve the terrible performance problems of blockchain.

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